Gerry O’Kane to play again in Canada

“Mart” just noted the following on the Gerry O’Kane page:

 Gerry will be in Canada again in 2 weeks playing:

Arnprior March 13 at the John St Pub tickets at the door or

Toronto at the Monarch Tavern March 27 tickets at the door or

Kingston at the RCHA Standeasy March 14, 17 and April 24 – tickets available at the club after 3pm or call with a credit card 613-542-8152

He will also be doing an all ages show in Toronto April 12 at Remarks Bar and Grill, [in their functions-room], 1026 Coxwell Ave., East York.


Pretty awesome!  Wish I was closer!



2014 Kia Sorento Oil Change and Filter Info

I went to change the oil on my 2014 Kia Sorento – and almost immediately went looking for info on the web as I didn’t recognize the oil filter.  It’s not a traditional metal canister – it’s just a plastic and fabric filter.  Where does it go?  How do you change it?  I couldn’t find any info on the web (pages or videos) so when I went to do it myself I took a video of the experience to share.

The oil filter is part 26320 3CAA0.  The Kia box comes with a new O-ring for the filter cover and crush washer for the drain pan.  It turns out the filter goes into a cylinder with dome cap that is located under the hood (yup –  you change it from above!) and under the engine cover.  This video shows you everything I learned.

I really like this filter.  Less waste and no mess when changing it.  What are you waiting for?  Get out there and change your oil!

Edge of the Empire and Jetpacks

Just like the Starship Layout Guide for the Tie Interceptor, I decided to make a layout sheet for a jetpack.  This is a trickier area as they are technically vehicles in the rules, but that would let the character move around with far more flexibility than would make sense.

For our group, I made a vehicle sheet delineating how the jetpack may be used, and though it keeps movement within character space, it uses Pilot (Planet) generally as the governing skill.  I think Cannonball needs some tweaking (it is underpowered right now) but generally it has produced good results.  Enjoy!


Starship Layout Guide – Tie Interceptor

Based on this excellent set of game aids to speed up Starship combat in Edge of the Empire, I created a similar one for a Tie Interceptor that my PCs recently “liberated” while on a mission.  In my Star Wars lore experience, Tie Ints have shields – I know this isn’t always the case, so to give believable ambiguity this was a prototype ship.  Only the abilities that can be used by the pilot are shown on the sheet.

Sincere appreciation to C. Steven Ross for the idea – these sheets have sped up combat and improved the fun factor considerably.

If you’re interested, here is the file: Tie Int


Gerry O’Kane has new recordings available

I have, for some time, been in contact with Gerry’s daughter, Etain O’Kane.  Gerry is not an enthusiast of the Internet, and continues to value his privacy.  Despite this, Etain has provided me with some great news:  Gerry has launched a CD of original music on his website,  Apparently, the CD has been causing quite a bit of buzz in Ireland, and he’ll be doing some performing in the new year (vacation to Ireland, anyone?)  He also has a planned CD entitled “The Nostalgia Tapes” – comprised of live and unreleased tracks.

According to his site, Gerry recorded the CD where he now lives, in County Down, Ireland.

My original post on Gerry and his time at the Wellington remains on on my blog.

IEEE Conference on Systems

My lunchtime keynote speech in Montreal seems to have gone over quite well. I was honoured to be invited to speak, and found the experience humbling – there were so many incredibly smart people at that conference doing advanced research in many fields I had no idea existed!

If you’re here looking to contact me, please use the About/Contact Mike link from the left and read my email address from the custom CAPTCHA.

This joke only for computer geeks who know Top Gun

I work with a guy who, even though he is awesome in many ways, still loves Top Gun. We were talking about some computer bugs the other day and I came up with:

“Your brain is writing code your computer can’t cache!”

He didn’t want to laugh (it encourages me), but he did anyway.

Hey, Taxi

Pad 6 Please!

My remake of Space Taxi, now itself a few years old, is finally back up on the web for your gaming pleasure. Just click on the link to your left to read the full story.  You’ll find a link there to download the game.  Enjoy!

… and Mrs. Finnegan Called for Lunch


As a wedding gift for Sarah Kennedy, I converted a cassette tape of Gerry O’Kane live at the Wellington in Kingston into high-quality MP3s. Well, as high a quality as I can get given that the songs came from a decade-old tape and I have a run-of-the-mill player. You can find them all from the links on the left. If you’ve got some fond Gerry memories, please post them over there.

Old nerd joke, revisited

Telling my brother yesterday about the new site, he came up with this:

Q: What did Spock find at

A: The captain’s blog.

Without knowing the original, this probably won’t seem nearly so funny.

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